Why visit Mauritius and stay at Lotusvillaz?

Mauritius is an island of breathtaking natural beauty. As a visitor, you can expect to be warmly received by Mauritians, who will take pride in sharing their glorious island with you. They know that what they have here is very special.


Lotusvillaz is for the traveller who would like to enjoy Mauritius in a villa of style and elegance still rare on the island. It is an ideal setting for several couples wishing to share a relaxing vacation together, for small groups interested in literary, yoga or culinary retreats or, old age people in groups and for families with young children and babies.


When compared with similar accommodations elsewhere in Mauritius, the villa is eminently affordable for the couple , individual or groups who appreciate space, beauty, luxury and privacy.


We look forward to the opportunity to help you plan your Mauritian vacation. Local cooks to share their services with you at the villa. Additionally, we can arrange the hire of guides to help you enjoy sites of interest anywhere on the island. Share your interest and ideas with us, and we'll do what we can to help craft a unique and memorable stay.


What is there to do?

Lotusvillaz is an ideal spot for reading, writing, swimming, taking walks or napping in a hammock to the sound of the surf, cooled by the constant breeze of the trade winds. Of course, all of the sights that have made Mauritius a destination for adventurous travellers are available as day trips.


Beautiful and totally distinctive beaches are just less than 5 minutes from Lotusvillaz by foot or just in front of the sea if you choose our villa at Palmar offering swimming, exploring or lounging in relative solitude. We can arrange for outings, scuba diving, natures walks, shopping in our prestigious shopping malls or simply visit the ancient market in the city.


How do we get to Mauritius?

Direct daily flights are available from many big countries such as UK, France, Dubai, Australia, South Africa, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia etc...


How do we get to Lotusvillaz?

The villas are less than one hour from SSR International Airport. Our caretaker will meet you at the airport and facilitate your arrival if you choose to book your trip from and to the airport from us. The villas are found on the coastal region and can be easily located.


Should we rent a vehicle?

You surely do not need to rent a vehicle. Transport from the airport can be easily arranged. If you plan just an excursion or two, you might want to hire drivers as needed; we can make the arrangements. If you have a stronger interest in exploring this beautiful island, then we may make all your arrangements to rent a car of your wish which will be delivered at our villa.


Driving in Mauritius is on the left. The roads are in good state with good indications throughout the country. Drive slowly, cautiously, defensively and always prepared to pull to the shoulder to allow oncoming traffic to pass.


Is the drinking water safe?

Yes! fresh water is amongst its glories. Most Mauritians drink tap water, but it is always recommended to boil water before drinking or simply buy mineral water which is available at a very low cost as it is produced in the country.


Can we bring our electric appliances?

Lotusvillaz are powered by its solar panel system at 110V/60hz and the standard for electrical sockets is 220V/50hz. We have both English and French type sockets.


What about food?

One of our great pleasures of Mauritians is cooking with the extraordinary fresh ingredients available. If you are motivated to make meal preparation a significant part of your visit, we'll help you procure glorious fruits, vegetables, fish, lobster and poultry as well as herbs.


We can provide you with a cook or simply you can order from different outlets. Above all we have many restaurants and bar near the villas. There are a number of options for meals nearby, ranging from local and foreign dishes such as Chinese, KFC and Mc Donalds amoung others.


Do you have TV and internet access?

We have a television and DVD player in each of the villas, and at Trou aux biches we offer internet services free of charge.


Is Mauritius and Lotusvillaz right for me and my family?

I can't imagine a much better place to chill than Lotusvillaz. Mauritius is the most luxuriant island in the Indian Ocean, and island which was discovered just after paradise.



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